Start your search for photography scholarships online with our directory, which allows you to narrow down your scholarship opportunities using several sorting fields. If you have not yet decided on a school, consider using the school and state sponsorship search fields to find the ideal place to study photography. As a student just starting a photography program, search for photography scholarships, sort the scholarships based on renewability, as renewable scholarships can provide money for multiple years of education. On the other hand, if you have already built up some experience and a portfolio through your offline or online photography program, you can search by minimum GPA, as your GPA may qualify you for additional scholarship funds. Regardless of how far along you are in your photography studies, you can search for scholarships by degree level as well as by ethnicity.

In addition to exploring this directory, search online for additional state and national scholarships, and consider asking your employer or university for additional financial assistance. Also, if you already have a portfolio and some photographic skills, enter photography contests to win additional educational funding.

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Identify Trends in Photography Scholarships

There are few scholarships dedicated exclusively to photography. Those that exist are state-sponsored or paid for by individual departments at photography schools, so your choice of school determines funding opportunities. Most scholarships for photography students are based in Maryland or California, so search specifically in these states to increase your chances of finding funding for your education.

Many photography scholarships are targeted at students who specialize in a specific aspect of photography, such as photojournalism or digital media. These scholarships are not available to students who are majoring in general photography, so if you have a passion for a particular aspect of photography, consider specializing to ensure greater access to scholarship money.

Photography students can also apply to scholarships that are available to students from all areas of art or mass communication. Make sure you read the application requirements and stipulations for these scholarships carefully, and include all relevant experience, including volunteer experience, on your application, as these scholarships are likely to be much more competitive than those offered exclusively to photography students.

Key Photography Scholarships

NAHJ General Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and is targeted at Hispanic students with an interest in a career in journalism or photojournalism. You must submit samples of your best journalistic or photojournalistic work, as well as an essay on one of a list of provided topics. The average award for this scholarship is $2,000.

James D. Phelan Art Award

This award is overseen by the Kala Art Institute and is available to students born in California who have created exceptional art objects in the fields of printmaking, film, photography, and video. The average award is $5,000. Those who receive this award will also be featured in an exhibit highlighting their work.

Directory of Photography Scholarships